The brand of LeGrand Leseur started in 2013 with the young socialite LeGrand Leseur touring the club scene in and around Philadelphia. Now a major fashion house in 3 cities, LeGrand Leseur has won numerous awards and has been featured in some of the biggest online and print magazines. His products have graced the face of celebrity musicians and businessmen alike. Blurring the lines between high end luxury and phantasmagoric retro, LeGrand Leseur Eyewear’s aesthetic is that of old time movie stars, the luxury of leisure and the process of becoming and finding who you are. The face translates emotions to others and what frames you have on translates how you want people to perceive you. LeGrand Leseur strives to bringing unique sunglasses styles to highly avant-garde individuals.How will you express yourself? How will you present yourself to the world? How will you define “I am.”? LeGrand Leseur.